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TPE TPR is a kind of rubber, high elasticity, high strength, high elasticity, but also has the characteristics of injection molding processing, eco-friendly non-toxic safe, wide range of hardness, has excellent coloring, soft touch, durability, fatigue resistance and temperature resistance, excellent processing performance, not curing, can be recycled to reduce costs, both the second injection molding, and PP, PE, PC, PS, ABS and other matrix material coated stick together or separately formed.

Thermoplastic elastomers with both thermoplastic processing performance, but also has the physical properties of vulcanized rubber, plastic and rubber can be described as the benefits of the advantages of combination. Thermoplastic elastomers are big part of vulcanized rubber had only occupied the territory. Past decade, electronic appliances, telecommunications and automotive industries led to the rapid development of thermoplastic elastomers city's rapid development.

Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) with the physical and mechanical properties of vulcanized rubber and thermoplastic processing technology performance. As eliminate the need for heat curing, the use of common plastic processing equipment to complete production. This feature makes the rubber industry production processes to shorten the 1 / 4, to save energy 25% to 40% efficiency 10 times to 20 times, once again called the Rubber Industry materials and technology revolution.

1. Have a good touch, adjustable properties, with environmental requirements;
2 non-toxic, odorless. No harm;
3 excellent heat resistance. Low temperature resistance (-60); general chemical resistance and electrical insulation;
4. Not curing characteristics of vulcanized rubber that has;
5 suitable for injection molding or extrusion molding machine processing;
6. Offcuts. Flash can be completely recycled, reduce costs (hundred percent recovery);
7 processing time is short, high production efficiency;
8. Excellent weather resistance, ozone. UV. Arc good tolerance;
9 low density, higher efficiency per unit weight;
10 outstanding color performance: pigment dispersed evenly, without leaving marks, no fading
11 excellent electrical properties: volume resistivity :10-10 ohm-cm, breakdown voltage strength; high up 39.3Mv / m;
12 for the second injection, and PP.PE.HIPS.ABS.PC.PA strong adhesive and other materials;
13. Toughening in PP.PE.PS.ABS.PC.PA and other materials to add a certain percentage of TPE / TPR products in order to increase the toughness, impact resistance, etc. to improve products,

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